Greetings All! 

We just had an amazing Concom meeting (10/16/2021) and I know our community is anxiously awaiting us to start posting useful information and links for things such as Hotel Booking, Submitting Programming, Maker Market, and other aspects of Penguicon 2022. Please look forward to seeing those things begin to roll out soon! For now we’d like to share some general information.

A few things to note: 

Please, Please use the Penguicon Hotel links (when they open) and information to make reservations instead of third party sites as we must track against required minimums. In addition, if the pandemic flares, this helps us help you with any rescheduling.

We’re still finalizing our COVID-19 precautions and policies. As the pandemic is an ever fluctuating event in all of our lives, we are looking at several things we could enact to help keep us all safe. We’re obviously considering a mask mandate, but our considerations are ongoing as to how to bring Penguicon 2022 to life, while being safe. We know that our whole community is 100% supportive of the Concom as they look to and consider the various methods for keeping us all safe.  Thank you!

As our community awaits further details and information, we want to ask you, yes, YOU, to join us. We still need people to help plan Penguicon 2022, and that means we need people to help share their passion and become part of the team. Join Us by filling out this form! If you are interested in being a Track Head, Our Head of Programming, Kent, will be posting a link soon to the Track Head application. Be it Concom Level Position, Staff, or Track Head,  all of us are volunteers. Penguicon is driven by the passionate work of Volunteers and we want you!

The Concom, I, and The Penguicon Board of Directors will be working on some transparency posts to show our community why/how some of the decisions are being made. We realize our community as a whole may not realize the intricacies of things such as Hotel contracts, what they charge us for, and how the ongoing inflation is indeed impacting our suppliers including the Westin and the services we must engage to run a successful in-person/hybrid/virtual convention. Small details such as those often are large factors in our Concom decision making process and we look forward to being more transparent so our community has a better understanding.

Thank you all again for your patience as we work behind the scenes to get our community the information and links needed to begin prepping for Penguicon 2022.


The Almighty* Ska Green – Penguicon 2022 Conchair

*The Asst. Chair may, or may not have dared the Chair to use this signature.