Hello Hello Peoples and Folks of Penguicon! 


AsstChair and Program Ops Lithie here with some updates after our March 19th, 2022 ConCom Meeting. First things first, as Penguicon creeps ever closer, be prepared to see more updates, in various forms, from numerous people on the ConCom! 


So what is the latest? We’re excited to say that the Concom met face to face, for the first time since beginning to plan 2022, (with Masks and Proof of Vaxx) at the Westin! It was a 4+ hour meeting, but we hammered out a lot of details. We have more hammering to do, but  we’re really entering the finalization period now!


Many of our community has asked, “Have our Mask and COVID-19 Policies changed?” They have not. Our Head of Communications, Amy will be adding a new navigation menu to our website with our policies, and an additional FAQ. The shortest version of those policies are as follows: 

– Masks are required. Come prepared with as many masks as you believe necessary for the weekend. 

-Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to picking up your badge will be required, along with your ID. 


Why do we still have these policies in place when so many local, state, federal and even other countries have relaxed their mandates? The simple answer is based on the very thing Penguicon is built upon – mutual respect for each other as we work together to create an iconic Penguicon. Penguicon is founded on groups of people with varying interests, ideals, passions, geekery, fandom and knowledge, joining as a collective with mutual respect for all. 


COVID-19 is still a threat. Approved Masks, vaccinations (and boosters) as well as negative COVID-19 testing all help to protect one another. We strongly believe that if we all work together and endure the masks, we can hold our con in the safest way possible in these not-so-safe times. 


In other news – wow will we have layout changes for our community. I don’t want to give too much away as we work to finalize each room’s specifications, but a little birdie told me that pretty nifty changes are coming!


The Westin, excited for our return, and understanding our want to come together, but also not be crammed in small spaces, came to us with the idea of having extra cash bars set up in the lobby areas in the evenings. We won’t all have to jam in at the small bar! HOORAY!  So be prepared to see them come out in the evenings. Don’t forget your ID!


The Restaurant will be serving a special breakfast buffet on Saturday from 8-11. Because our consuite will not be serving open foods (only individually wrapped snacks and such) we’re helping to cover the cost of that Sat. morning buffet. For just $6.99 you can eat breakkie.  Now- being transparent – we do have a cap on the amount of money we can afford to cover the breakfast buffet, so come in early and eat.  We will have signage up, alerting you to this special buffet – but I thought I’d share that with you now so that our community understands we’re doing things a little different this year! 


As we get closer to Penguicon, we’ll try to provide the menus for not only the breakfast buffet, but the Westin’s lunch and dinner buffets as well. We have requested that they include gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan options in all they offer during Penguicon. 


Our Programming Team is working up a storm. Not only did I hear rumors of a Writer’s workshop happening, but our Writer’s Block Book Store makes a triumphant return and will be located on the 2nd floor, in Hamlin. The Authors themselves will be in that book store during various points of the con, and we’ll be highlighting hours they are present on our Sched. 


Tech Talks? DIY? Food Talks? Anime? All things in between? YES! Our deadline for Programming submissions is March 31st. So if you are thinking of presenting at Penguicon, GO SUBMIT RIGHT NOW!  We will be releasing the Sched once Programming is finalized. 


Our Maker Market?  THEY ARE ALL ON THE 2nd FLOOR. It’s a Makers Bonanza up there this year. 4 Secured Maker Market rooms, (Hours will be posted on the doors and Sched.) and the Salon area, and 2nd floor hallway taboot! Throughout the con we will be highlighting each Maker on our Sched to remind you to go check them out! Be prepared to shop people of Penguicon, because it is going to be epic!


Our Greeters Desk makes a triumphant return. If it is your first time at Penguicon, or you’re a returning Penguiconer, swing by, say “hi”. Registration and Ops will be located in the same spaces. The Reg Desk will be located at the window wall, across from the Algonquin Ballrooms, and Ops Desk is at the Ops Closet. The Program Ops desk will be located along the wall between the Algonquin Ballroom entrances and we will be live broadcasting the Sched and ready to help any presenters with their needs. 


Room parties, while not official Penguicon events, are always welcomed. If you want to host a room party, we need you to do the following things. Visit our Hotel Page, (link: Hotel Page  ) and book your room and get your confirmation number. Then on the same hotel page, fill out the special request form. This will allow us to place your party on our designated room party floors. Room Parties on the wrong floors could be shut down and we don’t want that happening to you. 


The last thing I’d like to share with you is in regards to our Hotel Room Block. Allow me to be real here, peoples and folks; we need you to be staying in our hotel. We have not yet met our Room Block obligation. If it looks like we can’t make our room block, we may need to release our block to the public, which would end our Penguicon Room Rate. If you have NOT booked your hotel room, DO SO NOW. Visit our Hotel Page for all the information you need and links to book your room. 


Those are just some of the many updates and pieces of information that we, the Concom, are about to expound upon and share with you over the next month. As always we will place updates on our website, our social media and in our Discord. Closer to Penguicon, registered members will begin receiving email updates and information too. 


We genuinely want to thank this unique collective called the Penguicon Community for their patience, understanding and support. Coming Home to Penguicon is something to be celebrated, and we’re working diligently through all the strange, unique positions of planning our return, during a Pandemic. 


Friday, April 22, at the Westin Southfield Detroit, Penguicon comes home, and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you! 


Watch this space for further updates! 


Lithie Dubois – she/her

2022 Penguicon Asst Chair and Program Ops