Hello Penguicon People!
Where is the publicly viewable 2022 Schedule?
You can locate the PII redacted version of the programming schedule on our website now! Visit: https://2022.penguicon.org/2022-schedule/
For Transparency:
We apologize for the delay of providing a publicly viewable schedule. When we launched Sched, initially the schedule was viewable to the public, with registered member login access to create personal schedules for Penguicon.
Unfortunately, almost immediately, presenters began reporting creepy, harassing comments left on their personal/business websites. Trolls were scrolling our presenter list and causing havoc. As soon as these harassing comments were reported, at the direction of our Chair, Program Ops locked the Sched down to registered members only.
What steps have we taken since this began? First, we locked the Sched down. We notified our Head of Ops so incident reports may be filed. We sent a Presenter email to every presenter informing them of the situation, and we stand at the ready to continue to accept reports, and provide appropriate support to everyone affected.
Then, as our community requested access to a publicly viewable schedule, Program Ops worked to redact personally identifiable information from the Programming Schedule. You will only see our Conchair’s Name, and GoH’s. Every other panel/presentation has had Presenter names removed.
For those of you not yet registered because you typically purchase your membership at the door, once you do purchase membership at-the-door, you will be emailed with access to the Sched.
We apologize for the delay and we appreciate that our community is willing to be patient during these types of bumps in the road.
The publicly viewable Schedule is not pretty, but it is available. See you soon!
The Penguicon 2022 Conchair, Ska Green (he/him) & ConCom.