Hello Penguiconners –

While we’re busy rolling out the schedule, prepping for our return to Penguicon in meat-space, we needed to come to you and ask The Big Ask.

We’re 150 room nights, (per night, for Fri. & Sat.) away from making our room block. We need more rooms booked. And we know it is a big ask.

Let’s get real real. If we do not make our room block, if our community does not book 150 more Fri & Sat night rooms, Penguicon has to pay for each room – PLUS pay for event space, PLUS pay for the Penguicon 2022 convention expenses.

The 2022 Penguicon has a budget to pay for its expenses, and our Chair kept that budget so low. Painfully low. And the Chair has not gone over budget at all. In no way can we pay for the con, and 150 room nights (for Fri & Sat each) and pay for event space. We can’t do it. That was never part of the budget, nor even something we thought would be necessary. After 2 years of no income from in person events, paying for annual expenses for both those years, and now lower than normal attendance for 2022 – we can’t do it alone. We need you. 


So here is The Big Ask. Are you coming to Penguicon? If so, are you able to book yourself two rooms for the con? One to stay in, and one that is paid for by you, just to fill the room block?

To be clear, we are aware most of you have booked your room for your Penguicon 2022 experience. Now we’re asking that if able, you book a second room for Friday and Saturday nights.

Here is the link to book rooms: https://www.marriott.com/event-reservations/reservation-link.mi?id=1635770940974&key=GRP&app=resvlink

Can’t do that? That is okay. You can share this post far and wide.  You can also donate funds directly by visiting our donation page via paypal: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=VXF9XTLR2TK8Q


This is dire! It’s a huge ask, but we’re asking.  Not because we want to, but because we have to.

The Penguicon 2022 Conchair & ConCom