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Nuri Gocay installed his first copy of Slackware Linux on his family Packard Bell, 75mhz, and has been tying up phone lines ever since.

A Pengui-peep since 2009, when his best friend James Gamble said – “hey look at this, it’s really cool,” Nuri dove head in. First as Penguicon TV, then hotel assistant, then hotel Liaison, then as two time Con Chair, then some more hotel stuff… Nuri really loves Penguicon. It’s why he moved to and lives in southeast Michigan!

In his day job, Nuri is a chief evangelist and sales strategist at a major software and hardware company. This role takes him to stages and customers across the world, where he talks about leveraging data to build elegant, frictionless, personalized customer experiences. In his past, he’s worked for AWS, Google, Expedia, USAA, T-Mobile, and has travelled the world as a consultant. He codes in Python, NodeJS, and  Yeah,


Larry NemecekLarry Nemecek, “Dr. Trek”– 

Best known as a host, experience leader, writer, and author of the classic bestseller “Star Trek: Next Generation Companion,” Larry Nemecek moved into “Trekland” full-time 25 years ago in Los Angeles from his native Oklahoma.

These days, Larry as “Dr. Trek” hosts THE TREK FILES weekly podcast for Roddenberry, has launched his unique PORTAL 47 background deep-dive fan experience—“where no savvy fan has gone before”—and leads his own Trekland Treks day tours of Trek film locations around L.A. (when pandemics are not raging).

After hosting “Trekland Tuesdays LIVE” commentary and chat each week since 2017, Larry was seen across the 10-part “Center Seat” docuseries on History Channel as well as a host of other Trek documentaries over the years, including the DS9 and Voyager docs, Rod Roddenberry’s “Trek Nation” and the Susan Oliver bio-doc “The Green Girl.”

Fans also are still excited for his official “Star Trek: Stellar Cartography” map/book set from Amazon, while backgrounders love the first five “Trekland: On Speaker” themed editions on CD, culled from his hundreds of hours of remastered archival Trek back-in-the-day interviews.

The longtime former editor of official ST Communicator magazine and Fact Files is busy wrapping up “The Con of Wrath” true-event documentary project, based on Star Trek’s “most glorious failure” in Houston 1982.

Along with story credit for the “Prophecy” episode of Voyager and working as a producer at the original , Larry still writes his “Fistful of Data” column for official Trek Magazine after 22 years, and appears frequently on podcasts, convention stages, and CBS Star Trek Blu-ray

documentaries and audio commentaries. Oh—and he’ll also be happy to tour you through the Will Rogers State Historic Park ranch house where he’s docent—and now member of the nonprofit Will Rogers Ranch Foundation

… or just preach the legacy of his Oklahoma Sooners football legends.


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Tracy BarnettTracy Barnett is an award-winning non-binary games designer, podcast and game editor, and project manager from Ohio. They have been making games for almost 10 years. They specialize in games prompted by feelings and deep with story. You can find them online, anywhere (but especially Twitter) @TheOtherTracy.





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