Our first Guest of Honor is someone many of you know and love, Nuri Gocay! 

A Pengui-peep since 2009, Nuri has contributed to Penguicon in a number of ways, including Penguicon TV, hotel assistant, hotel Liaison, and Con Chair (twice!)…Nuri really loves Penguicon. 

Nuri installed his first copy of Slackware Linux on his family Packard Bell, 75mhz, and has been tying up phone lines ever since. He is a chief evangelist and sales strategist at a major software and hardware company. This role takes him to stages and customers across the world, where he talks about leveraging data to build elegant, frictionless, personalized customer experiences.

We are thrilled to have Nuri join us as a Guest of Honor this year. Welcome home, Nuri!