The Writer’s Block Bookstore returns for 2022! The only booksellers at this convention are authors, and you’ll find them in their co-op bookstore next to the Maker Market. Stop by to browse a collection of titles from small presses, indie presses, and self-published authors of all kinds.

Do you have a book you’d like to sell at Penguicon? You can sign up for the Bookstore via the link below!

Penguicon will once again be presenting Author Readings. If you are an author, feel free to sign up for a 20 minute reading slot. Readings are not limited to those participating in the Bookstore, but you must be registered to attend Penguicon.

Due date is April 10th.

Those in the Bookstore must participate in at least one hour of programming. Prior to March 31st, that could be via a reading, submitting a panel, or joining an existing panel. Past April 1st, you will be only be able to join existing panels.

The forms!


Contact the bookstore at